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Feb 13, 2016

Texas-Sized Taxes

Geez, no wonder people are scared.  I just read snippets of the Democratic debate, and since I was none-too-flattering to Mr. T recently, I must now, as a Libran, be fair.

I’m glad I live in an RV, plus I’ve got good friends in countries without animal quarantines.  I’ve already exposed my revolutionary nature (which, I’m sure, sounded silly to you at the time), but reading Bernie Sanders explain his socialist views is tantamount to watching him press his self-destruct button, and that’s painful to watch in ANYONE.

I happen to believe in 60% taxation for all (but the very poor).  Europe’s been doing it for decades.  In Holland, as my Tino explained, you don’t see people living on the streets unless they absolutely want to.  People don’t lose their jobs and homes, and everyone is afforded medical attention.  Sure the taxes are high, but they’re used to it.

I remember one college class in the 70s during a gasoline shortage.  The instructor asked who would pay $1.50 (or whatever) per gallon of gasoline and most everyone’s hands shot up.  As he raised the price, fewer and fewer hands shot up until there was only one for $4.00 per gallon:  mine.

For one thing I’m not a walker, but as I explained my rationale “to the class, please” I theorized that the price increase would be gradual and we’d all get used to it over time.  I didn’t add I’d pay $10, just ‘cause I’m lazy.

Europe’s high taxes surely have something to do with World War II and the cost of rebuilding.  So either the people were hit with high taxes from the get-go or it increased over time, which is what we should do.  Sanders's proposals may make social-sense, but I agree with Hillary that it’s (sic) too much, too fast, too soon. Won't stand a chance in Congress.

I’ll keep my earlier prediction that they’ll pull Biden out just-in-time

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