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Feb 9, 2018


As long as we’re getting rid of iconic symbols like Confederate statues and Native-American sports mascots, I’d like to throw my personal objection into the mix.

Larry, the Quaker Oats Man. I’m not a Quaker, nor do I have any discriminatory thoughts about Quakers. Quite honestly, I don’t think about Quakers much at all.

But fair is fair. I was not impressed that they gave Larry a makeover in 2012 with a haircut, slimmed him down and dropped about 5 years from his age. Why not Botox him as well; then he’ll look more like some of the co-hosts who entertain us during breakfast?

What if you’re not a Quaker? I’m not. Therefore, why should I be induced to buy packaged food with a figurehead whose sole purpose is to subtly shame me into eating more oats?  They would have been much more successful with this:

Right, Wilbur?


  1. You realize tge second guy looks like Ben Kingsley- just sayin!

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