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Feb 9, 2020

Robert Conrad

Gosh, I just read of the passing of Robert Conrad, a favorite actor since childhood when the Wild Wild West originally aired; and I loved him as Pappy in Black Sheep Squadron, too.  But what became my favorite part of his was as Pasquinel, the Canadian trapper from James Michener's Centennial, aired in 1978.

I'd read the book first, and the miniseries was pretty much spot-on; not a disappointment at all.  For you youngin's who don't know, look up the miniseries Centennial for a really good binge-watching experience about the birth of the colonized American West; as through the eyes of a town in Colorado called Centennial, best description I can think of; close to 24 hours of it.
What a hunk.
  My sympathies to his family.

And to Kirk Douglas's family, another hunk in his day. In tribute I decided to watch The Vikings, with Ernest Borgnine, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh; fun if you liked Taras BulbaOr crazy Vikings.

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