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Dec 4, 2020

Food Santa

I'd like to thank whoever decided to dole out additional food stamps, or SNAP benefits, during this Covid crisis. Since April, I think, I've been receiving an extra $100 a month (the maximum I'd be allowed if deductions weren't taken whenever Social Security gets a cost-of-living increase).  This has freed me from dipping into real money to supplement my food allotment. I survive on Social Security plus anything I manage to sell; and while I'm pretty good at finding most things I need at Goodwill, I can't find everything there, like a new car battery.

Another benefit...probably the main one...is this: because I was able to afford better-quality food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, fat free chocolates and salmon steaks, I've managed to lose 30 pounds.

THIRTY POUNDS, can you believe? My diet was prompted by a physical in June, when I stepped on the scale to discover I was well on my way to bowling ball status. Up until then I'd tried to convince myself my ever-expanding waistline wasn't so bad while critiquing Size 16 pants in Goodwill (which would have to be shortened a good 6 inches).

I was horrified, and vowed to do something about it. My original goal was 35 pounds by my birthday in October; since I'd been taught my reach should exceed my grasp. Didn't quite make it so my goal's been extended until Christmas. I'm almost there, close enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I feel so much better; not huffing and puffing as a few months ago. Thank goodness I had the summer to work outdoors on my teardrop, since it kept me from fixating on the elephant in the room, which resembled me.  I cleared out my closet along with the rest of Jackson County, donating clothing to the victims of this summer's local fires. There but for the grace of God, we're all thinking.

I also felt RICH with the extra SNAP.  I know it sounds silly, but I could actually step into supermarkets other than Walmart and peruse the aisles for specialty items previously unobtainable. It's been a nice feeling.

At the moment I'm waiting for my Walmart order, which I placed this morning because today's my SNAP deposit. I ordered about $40 worth of food and my balance is $40 until next month.  No problem,  I've managed before and I'll do so again.  The trick is not to go back to hot dogs and Vienna Sausages, forget fresh-anything other than Iceberg lettuce. Fortunately I've re-learned to eat smaller amounts and will adjust my diet accordingly.

There's no telling if our benefactor will arrive again for Christmas, but it's been a wonderful gift in the meantime. So on behalf of millions of us, THANK YOU FOOD SANTA!

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