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Nov 27, 2020

A Corona Thanksgiving

I had a very pleasant Thanksgiving, thank you.  BC and I spent the day much like any other, except for the food.  Promised leftovers by a friend (we're all under and follow restrictions),  I had a backup plan of chicken breast, stuffing mix and a can of soup I'd turn into gravy; oh, plus Brussel Sprouts, which would shock the hell out of Ex-Man #1.

It takes too much propane to hard-boil eggs (plus I hate peeling the shells) so nowadays I buy half a dozen already cooked.  I had one left and decided to go ahead and try John Wayne's Deviled Eggs recipe which I've had taped in view since the summer.  It wasn't much more than mayo, mustard, S&P and his secret ingredient:  barbeque sauce drizzled over the top.  Unable to drizzle I simply plopped, but still it was tasty.

The Pilgrim Mini Me above was completed only last night, after being begun years ago.  It may take awhile but I usually get around to finishing projects, and I'm very relieved not to have her haunt me every time I open my craft cabinet.

Banana slices were in the dehydrator; my latest snacks for BC, who needs to take off a few pounds like yours truly.  But my diet was totally blown when a knock on the RV revealed my friends with one of those cardboard carriers from a big-box store LOADED with plates of turkey, stuffing, sides, desserts...I dove in to the contents before taking a picture, but you can imagine.

I've been fortunate to reconnect with most of my dearest pals this past week, but lamented losing touch with one friend who shared daily life at Community First in Austin, and was instrumental in helping me keep a grip over 9 months.  It's hard to relate that  experience with others, like life on a boat.  Imagine my surprise and delight then when Lesslye called; Mom always spoke of 'wavelengths'.

The Macys parade looked about the same as it has on TV for decades, except for the masks of course.  At least everyone got to see the show.  Most of the performers were unknown to me and seemed to sound alike, but the whole megillah was festive in the midst of a pandemic, thank you Macys, Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio.

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