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Feb 12, 2021

Question Nights

Last night was another Question Night, when I keep asking myself the same thing over and over; providing different answers until I find one I like, you know what I mean. Since BC can’t talk I’ll pose this to the universe, or at least to those living with others:

“How do you imagine you’d be feeling about now if you’d been in solitary confinement for pretty much a year; unable to share a meal, joke or opinion with another two-legged soul, day after week after month?  Have you noticed passing people rarely even LOOK at one another since we’ve been masked?  Think you’d be upbeat or questioning your sanity about now?”  That was my question.

What might friends think of your mental acuity?  Would they question your choices?  Would they throw up roadblocks or help move them aside? I’m guilty of my own words.  My sister’s grieving; she hasn’t suddenly turned stupid.  So I apologized and told her I’m taking a step back.  She’s not quite ready for an Oregon Invasion and it’s better if I leave later than sooner for road conditions.

I miss the times I lived with someone and could bounce off ideas without hesitation; and once a plan was agreed upon you knew there was at least one other person who shared your goal.  If you’ve got a compatible partner you keep each other going with four eyes on the prize.  Doesn’t have to be a married couple.

You’ve read some of my recent posts.   I may sound like I’ve got my head up my como-se-llama but I keep thinking you can see inside my head: all the points my Libran mind has compiled, noting pros and cons and finally coming to a conclusion that works for ME.  I just forgot to get Ego-Amy out of the way this time.

It takes a strong personality to resist the best intentions of others, but fortunately I was raised to follow the beat of my own drum, and so was Hillary.  It may not be someone else’s idea of a good life; but I don’t believe I’d change mine with anyone I know. 

So in the future, rather than share and worry others I think I'll keep my wild ideas to myself a bit longer.

Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S.  I never did find an answer I liked before falling back asleep.

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