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Jul 21, 2020

My Corona Project

I’ve remained pretty silent about most social issues affecting our country, except wearing masks, during this pandemic.  That is because I’ve been writing about (and living with) poverty, economic inequality and bigotry since I began this blog.  Most of the time it felt like hitting my head against a brick wall because those without such troubles simply yawned and walked away.  Didn’t affect them so why should they care?

But I kept these encouraging words from my art-mentor in mind:

“You may not be the one who brings about change; but you can help keep an issue alive until change does happen.”
And that’s how it feels now.  So many people are bringing these serious societal problems to the forefront that continuing my crusade seems, I don’t know, redundant.  So you know what?  I’m done.  I’m looking out for me first from now on; that’s the affect our ineffective President has had on my psyche.

Years ago I advocated free Internet for all in Paper Tiesas Gates and Jobs promised, in order to equal the playing field, particularly in schools.  I drowned mine at birth as you know, but was surprised most people I spoke to didn’t care because they already had unlimited access; and there were other things to think about, like the latest and greatest Smartphone.

Affordable housing was already an issue; now it’s going to be a real problem when all those people who get evicted sleep with their kids in the family car, at least until it gets repo’d.  I’m number 2,000 on the Section 8 housing list in my county after almost 2 years;  but that could change if families with small children bump me back, which, after all, is only right.

There are going to be so many more folks competing with people like me for increasingly limited resources, which will eventually bring about a real revolution; not the anarchy crap Trump’s touting.  Hunger in the pit of your stomach is a powerful motivator, I can attest to that.

So in anticipation of the Great Flood I begged, borrowed plus spent Uncle Sam’s stimulus check to purchase a little 4’ x 6’ home-made teardrop trailer, built by a woman up near the Dalles.  It’s basically empty; not like those cute little things you see full of double sinks, microwave ovens and solar panels.  I LIVE in an RV; I don’t need all that.

What I needed was something light enough to tow back to New Jersey with my car and retrieve the remaining memorabilia of my life, stored in a 5 x 5-foot space since Mom's passing.  At 400 pounds this fits the bill.  That's probably low but I can nudge it a few inches to connect with the car, and I’m no Atlas.

It will also be nice to use as a little art studio of sorts.  At least I can store items in there while working, instead of in the middle of my 21-foot Winnebago. (How do you like the folding stairs for BC?  I've got a plastic step-stool for me to climb up to the other door of my little Hobbit-house, wait'll I'm finished with the outside.)

And lastly, since my RV is tired and can no longer make it over the mountains, I hoped for something in which to continue my Travels with Buttercup.  

So during this Corona-virus I’m having fun personalizing my blank canvas while teaching myself about wiring and gas struts.  When the time DOES come to get outta Dodge fast, I don’t want to be trapped behind the Siskiyous with my britches down.

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