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Jan 13, 2021

The Divided States of America

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am seriously looking in to leaving the country. I've got my passport; BC's had her shots; and there's not much to leave behind.  If I don't then I'm buying a handgun, but with my eyesight I think emigrating is safer.

I live in Oregon and still have a Biden sticker on my bumper because I'm lazy.  Talk about reckless.  But besides that, Amy's too defiant to scrape it off, and why should I have to?  Why should I be afraid  for my property or life, or BC's, if I stop for gasoline or a quick sandwich?  God forbid I have to go inside a grocery store; I'm a nervous wreck.

While listening to the acrimonious language many Republicans continue to spew, it's all I can do to keep down my breakfast. A mere 7 days later they're attempting to whitewash Trump's unforgivable behavior on January 6th, it's appalling.  "Poor judgement."  Please, he's not an underage teen caught drinking.  We're supposed to be coming together, but by the looks of Congress today that doesn't seem possible.

I'm afraid it's a matter of time before I get into a pack of trouble or worse, because I won't roll over while someone expresses offensive, hate speech; and since I still value my life it's time to leave.

Therefore, since I'm already on the west coast I think my best bet is to apply for political asylum in New Zealand.  My maternal grandfather's family moved from Wanganui to Whangarei and Wellington. Sydney E. Pritchard served with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force during WWI, including at Gallipoli. His brother, George Thompson Pritchard, became a well-known artist, and one of his paintings, depicting the signing of the Bill of Rights by William III, was presented to the New Zealand House of Representatives, read more in Starving Artists Run in the Family.  I've been wanting to do some family research for a long time; why not now?

So to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern or anyone in New Zealand willing to sponsor a descendant of one of your own (I can pay my own way), please contact me through the widget on the right. Stranger things have happened.


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  1. I agree with your sentiments. This is absolute madness. At least I don't live in a state where you can carry. (I think Patrick knows the names of our relative(s).)


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