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Oct 11, 2020

An Easy Solution to the Supreme Court Debacle

This shouldn't be so difficult or contentious. Let's just forget about replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg completely and leave it at 8 for the time being; then, when another one dies we'll be back to an odd number again.  That'll get rid of one contributor to our polarization.

What's wrong with having some Tie Votes now and then? All that would do is make people step back and think about an issue some more.  Our Founders began with 6 Justices:  one Chief Justice and five associates.  That's plenty.  We don't need more we need FEWER.

And since we're all living much longer than folks did in the 17- and 1800's (30-40 year average lifespan), these should NOT be lifetime appointments, are they joking?  So we'll get this 47 year old woman and she'll be around for 40 or more years?

Nobody does that anymore.

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