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Jan 21, 2020

What'll Fit in YOUR Coffin?

I know what I want to be buried with; do you?
"The teaspoon Sis brought me from a trip to Europe, an Indian rattle from childhood, a hot glue gun and French Toast sticks."

Some treasures I'm still trying to unload.  Hard when you don't have kids, because I've got some really cool stuff, like my Matchbox collection from the 60's.  

I considered selling them off years ago when I was dead broke but I just couldn't.  I've already given the sports cars and some others to male cousins for their kids, but I know I'll want the travel trailer and speed boat in the hereafter, along with the yellow convertible to pull them (on the right).

That should all fit.  I've also left Burial Outfit instructions on my closet door, since I live alone.  Not so crazy, and preferable to what someone else might choose. Years ago I showcased my horizontal ensemble, Don't Bury Me in My Moo-Moo, so I might as well select the rest and then I'll really know what to get rid of to de-clutter.

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