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May 12, 2020

Heroes and Bubbas

We all have thoughts which pop up out of the blue.  I just happen to write mine down.  I do have some questions which you may, too:

1.  Heroes:  Our world is littered with heroes these days:  medical professionals, bus drivers, grocery clerks.  I agree they are dauntless to continue to do their jobs when many of us wouldn't. They are most certainly valiant, courageous, and even Herculean.  Having said that, in the future, what do we call those (relative) few individuals thrown into extraordinary situations who perform super-human feats outside of their normal purview, like Captain Sulley and Purple Heart recipients?  Super-heroes?  Then what do we call Marvel's Avengers? 

2. Bubbas: I, too, was sicked by those racist Bubbas with red necks bigger than their heads, stalking and assassinating Ahmaud Arbery; plus it was filmed?  But here's my question:  are they going to press any charges against the prosecutors who recused themselves?  By averting their eyes they contributed to the underlying evil in a community THEY ARE BOUND TO SERVE, not serve up on a plate.  Georgia may fry these Bubbas, as they should; but what about the next Bubba?  They'll be supported by the same heads-in-the-sand prosecutors.  What justice?

3.  Musk Ox:  Is Elon getting too big for his britches, or is this the new norm?  Who agreed to OBEY these corporate megalomaniacs?  Oh, my bad; the same folks who voted Trump as King.

4.  82,000:  It's just a number now, which brought me to tears this morning.  In addition to Heroes we're also littered with the Dead, but let's get the economy going!

5.  Saint Fauci:  He's got my vote, don't you agree?  Yes, he's doing his job but he's also doing the President's by trying his best to keep us all calm and informed.

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