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Dec 25, 2018

Sharing the Holidays

This year Zinnia learned to catch (chickens) and Zavier learned to ride a two-wheeler.  When I finished my first thought was, I'm done being a gourd artist, because my hands just don't paint like they used to.

But I've said that before, and suddenly I'll be the recipient of a bag-full from people who say,

"Oh, you're a gourd artist  My mother-in-law gave me these..."
And I'm back at it.
I love painting holiday ornaments. I don't know how many I've finished over the years but it's been a bunch.
All those art shows; all those grandchildren.
What gives me warm fuzzies is that even though I don't have my own family to pass down special ornaments, 
I'm still contributing to countless of other's Christmas, Hannukah and Tres Reyes celebrations.
My friend's children have personalized ornaments and I've created special requests working from photographs.
I'm no portrait artist and I think all their noses look like mine, but they're fun reminders of loved ones.
Last year I made one of these Snowballs for a little girl in Community First Village, and her Mother said it was their first ornament since becoming homeless.
Think I'll order a box of 50; I've got all year.

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