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Sep 11, 2020

From the Chimney

Funny how things work out.  I say that because over the course of the past few years, circumstances have prevented me from living here or there so I'm currently on a piece of property which is NOT burning in Southern Oregon.  It was pretty frightening to watch, listen and read of the progress of the Alameda fire, starting in Ashland and currently burning in Medford and Central Point.

On its way towards Medford the fire ripped through Talent and Phoenix, where the old highway is riddled with low-income communities:  mobile home and RV parks, and vintage motels turned into housing-by-the-week.  The cause is under investigation but it's been leaked that it was caused during a gender-reveal stunt-gone-wrong. (wrong fire, but still...)  They can't possibly post the names of those parents-to-be, could you imagine the abuse they'll face the rest of their lives?

A different fire is of greater danger where I live:  the Obenchain, just outside of town and heading towards Shady Cove, a cute little town on the way to the mountains.  Ginger Rogers owned a ranch and lived there for a number of years, here's a local story about card-playing Ginger and her visiting pal, Lucille Ball, called Painted Ladies.

So my food order was abruptly cancelled last night due to unprecedented demand, but I was given a $20 Sorry food credit; and no, I'm not trying that again!

It's September 11th, I just remembered.

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