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Apr 16, 2018

The Freedom to Piddle Anywhere

In light of the Starbucks bathroom debacle, I hope this leads to change everywhere. First thing which came to mind was a story my friend, Juan told me in Puerto Rico. A wealthy contractor, during one visit to New York he walked into a nice restaurant and said he needed to use the restroom. They refused and he was shocked.

"Why?" I asked; we've ALL been there.

"In Puerto Rico, it is illegal to refuse someone the use of a restroom." That's shocked me.

"So what happened?"

"I asked the Maitre D' if he expected me to p__s on the floor," and honestly I don't remember the rest of the story.

But doesn't letting someone use a restroom seem the HUMANE thing to do? I've even walked up to someone's house and asked to use their bathroom (they said yes), but that was back in the '80s and I doubt anyone would even open the door to me nowadays,

What ARE we supposed to do when there's no public Johnny-on-the-Spot around, carry our own? This led me to look up nomenclature, and I discovered that while there seem to be numerous choices for personal urinals for men, the choices for women are less, and look unwieldy, as in GottaTinkle on Amazon.

But someone's stinkin'. Here's a patent for a device for women that looks interesting. 

What a topic.

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