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Jan 16, 2021

When's YOUR Turn?

Who's surprised that the wealthy and privileged are receiving vaccinations prior to their turn?  Not me.  Did you hear how Snowbirds and Canadians are flying down to Florida to get shot; when Floridians over 80 are still trying to make reservations?  Many have difficulty navigating the Internet; should they lose their turn?

Now that they're opening up vaccinations for 65 and over, my announced vaccination date is end of February, early March but I don't believe that.  April, earliest and likely May, we'll see.  I'm sure as hell not calling 300 times to make a reservation and you know the top 1% isn't either.

Private planes with boxes of vaccines are flying to private parties all over the place so that guests can be privately served.

I made that up but it's probably true.  And I'll bet most of them don't think there's anything wrong with that.  Just like the Capitol rioters, I put them in the same category.

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