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Jul 12, 2019

Some May Object

The Pepto Bismol commercial with the pink singing farts was bad enough, but the really nouseating ones these days are focused around our snots snouts. 

Watching someone blow water up one nostril and out the other is something which may excite some, but from which the rest of us should be shielded.  And after that it's possible to suck the gook out of nose pores for good measure, See how much they toot tout?

Ulchuhhh.  I can't even spell something so bad.  They ought to give some kind of warning before airing objectionable commercials.  Children and old people may be watching.

P.S.  What does the horse have to do with the story?  Absolutely nothing, unless I stretch and compare my reaction to skin-sucking to those of animal activists to this hi-dive exhibition in Altantic City, c.1965. It may be shocking now, but at the time it was riveting.  I went to my first concert that day on the boardwalk, to see the Cowsills.  Check out the background billboards. (Photos by Dad)

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