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Jan 22, 2019

Silver Linings

I had a horrible scare last week when I thought BC was dying.  It turned out to be just a fat-pocket which apparently is common in older dogs, but it scared the patooties out of me. How could I live without my faithful companion?  What would happen to Travels with Buttercup?

The fright caused me to reflect.  Instead of being bummed that the RV engine isn't up to par and may never take us over the Siskiyou's again, I should be grateful we've traveled as much as we have.  

My gal has been all over the U.S. with me twice already, and there's no reason to think we're finished. A Guardian-Angel gourd watches over my co-pilot.
So I'm considering another real road trip, but this time it will have to be in the car, and not until later this year.  After school starts.

I've had a storage unit in New Jersey since Mom died, and it contains the remaining stuff which still ties me to the planet.  Seashells, quilts, books, knick-knacks, prize gourdsThe 5'x5' unit costs less than $30 a month, which never bothered me. I don't have a home with any storage, so I have to put it all somewhere. 
Believe it or not, storage space is at a premium here in Oregon because of so many people who are transients, live in RVs or are homeless.  Just because you don't have a home doesn't mean you don't have stuff.
But I worry that as time goes by and BC and I get older, the less inclined I’ll be to go at all; and everything winds up in those same Goodwills I favor.
I'm planning ahead that most of it will never leave New Jersey, since I’ll be either ebaying, donating or tossing on site.
Renting a U-Haul is an option.  So are measles, apparently.  
After two years of paying for silly peace of mind (well worth it), I’ve got a pretty good idea of which items I’ll keep and what I can let go.
It’ll definitely be cheaper traveling by car rather than either the truck or the RV, but already I miss having my own bathroom 15 feet behind the steering wheel.
West Virginia
We’ll have to stay in cheap motels along older highways, which is fine; unless I find a roomy, single person tent which sets up in the blink of an eye.
I’ll look, but I’ve never been a sleeping bag-camping person, so I don’t know why I’m fooling myself.  I picked up one of those half-crescent pop-ups for the beach but I can’t even put that together.
West Texas
I do have an inflatable raft (unused) which I picked up thinking I’d float on those Corps of Engineer lakes I enjoy so much; until I heard Cottonmouths.
New Mexico
I'd forgotten that we’ve been on the road, more or less, since 2013.  Our gypsy wagon is in it's third incarnation.
It always takes a bit to arrange things just right for BC, who rests against a bed lounger (we’re on the third one of those, too). I have a plastic storage tub on the passenger floor to support the lounger, and baby bumpers from Goodwill pad the dash. A cousin once remarked,
"When I die, I want to come back as your dog."
Saguaro National Park
I spent most of the day looking at year’s worth of Travels with BC photos.  I’m glad I did because I’d also forgotten that the first time we headed East was in my old F150, and we went to all kinds of places.  I loved that truck.
1986 Ford F150
It’s also reminding me how difficult it was to find affordable overnight lodgings, especially on the East Coast; and now they ask for non-refundable pet deposits.  Hmmm…better start looking for that tent.
Joshua Tree National Park
It will be easier to check out hard-to-reach spots inaccessible in the RV because of narrow roads, low bridges or rate of ascent.
Southern California
I won’t pack nearly as much as I tend to do in case I get into a real bind and have to hunker down overnight at Walmart.  I've done that plenty, too.
Steinbeck Country, California
My car's back seat is split so I can stretch out, as long as I'm smart with my packing and BC relinquishes some space.
Big Sur
What do you think the likelihood of that might be?

P.S.  I know, I ought to wash my windows now and then.

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