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Mar 16, 2020

Let's Shame the Hoarders!

I'm very excited.  Last night I placed my second Walmart online order, and I'm praying when I pick it up at noon that the 4-pack of Charmin wasn't placed on their Out of Stock list in the past 12 hours. I learned last week to make certain to check the 'substitute allowed' box, very important as it turned out. I've been using Scott Shop towels; at least the blue matches the bathroom.

I'm still self-isolating so I haven't gone inside the supermarkets and it's a good thing because I know Amy would be pointing and shaming the HOARDERS.  Probably get myself arrested, but don't you want to vomit at their images, pushing carts piled HIGH with multiple packages of things that the rest of us need, too?

Selfish Bastards, that's all they are.  Drinking like lushes in mini-clusters just because it's St. Patrick's, and most of them aren't even Irish.  Forcing people to purchase quantities or brands (we) can't really afford just because it's the only things left on the shelves.  That's why many of us could use a little extra in our SNAP benefits - because of the HOARDERS.

People calling 911 because they're out of T.P.  Self-centered troglodytes.  You know they aren't calling out of desperation but in an attempt to make the morning news and they're making it, how sick is that.  Who raised these people? A village of White Trash?

Probably; and they'll be passing up their grandparent's funerals, too.
So let's shake our collective fingers!!  Don't be afraid to stand up for what's right.

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