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Aug 17, 2018


So, 176 pings from Vietnam yesterday. No idea what was interesting, but perhaps the reason is because I happened to use the word Vietnam in my last post.  Sorry, I've got to test my theory with,

Easter Island

I'll let you know.  Still smokey in So.O. So's the coast now; and Washington (from Canadian fires); there's no place to escape. They had to postpone the referendum declaring the State of Jefferson as our 51st state.  Look it up; it's where I live.

These photos were taken during my last trip to the Museum of Natural History in NYC, back in 2009.  I'd just returned from Puerto Rico and wanted to explore places I'd gone as a kid, and museums were a biggie in our family.

But damn, the prices are outrageous.  How can families afford it?  What if the President takes the 92 million he's willing to spend for that military parade ala Stalin and buys museum passes for every kid in the country?  That ought to cover it.

Oh, good, he just cancelled the parade, blaming the press on inflating the 12 million he was willing to spend just to prove something to Putin?

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