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May 16, 2018

Send Our Jerks to the Wall

I found an ad for a nearby place to park my RV on Craigslis. It didn't offer much: Beautiful RV Spot - Next to Pond. A bit out of my price range at $550 a month, but I thought I'd better check it out since time's running short. I wrote asking if it's still available and received my response(s) yesterday:

Maybe mind your own business...

I wouldn't want someone like you near me!!!

What an idiot!!

Good luck to you!!

I'm not really familiar with Spammers, but what should we do with these cretins who interrupt our lives for no good purpose?

I know! Round them up and send them to Trump's US/Mexico wall along with the National Guard. Work out an exchange program whereby we'll send over one of our jerks and Mexico can send over one hard-working individual or family member. It's more than fair, shouldn't cost much, and the jerks can hand over their electronic gizmos to the immigrants as they pass.

More immigrants than jerks?  Supplement the tally with politicians, BEGINNING WITH THE TOP.

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