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Mar 26, 2020

Beware the Una-Shopper

I woke up scratching my cheek.  Oh, no, I'm not very practiced at not touching my face; I'd lose if there was a contest.

I went out the other day to pick up a Walmart order and run some errands.  It was the very day Oregon's governor declared a Stay at Home restriction and I was afraid I'd have to run a police blockade, so I dressed accordingly.

Surprise, surprise: grocery store shelves were NOT completely empty, nor were people trampling one another to reach paper products.  I took some photos to prove my tale; but feeling conspicuous, I lowered my scarf.  Behold:  meat, bread, dog food and even paper towels.  

"I have to take photos to show my sister back east. I had no idea there was so much food available."

"The meat was just delivered and should be out in about an hour," the manager advised, even though there was already more in the section than I'd expected.
The dozen or so who were shopping kept their distance; except me, who kept forgetting the 6-foot rule.

I've since learned not to rely on Walmart's invaluable online ordering out of fear, since even Walmart (not shown) was nicely stocked and uncrowded, and it was regular store hours.  I was even able to spot a couple of items indicated online as Out of Stock: a full, solitary case of Bounty double-rolls sat alone on a wire rack display, must have just been shelved, praise the Lord; and in the wrong place:  one lone jar of instant decaf, since I figured I'd better cut down on my caffeine.
I do think their rationing is a bit strange: 2 only of milk and bread, I get those; but packages of instant Hollandaise Sauce?  Perhaps craving Eggs Benedict is another undiscovered symptom.

In conclusion, as a result of last week's Fed up with, I've decided to stick with humor since this, too, shall pass.  And look at this gift left outside my door!  Life is Good.

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