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Mar 18, 2020

Let's Help the Service Workers

Here's an altruistic thought:  to help out at least PART of the service industry, I'm not going to go to my hairdresser's appointment next week, but I WILL slip the money I'd have paid in an envelope under her door.  She can cut my hair once things get back to normal, and this can help her NOW.

Think of your manicurist; personal trainer; I'm not rich so I'm not sure what else people do, but you get the idea.  I was going to pay to have my hair cut anyway, and it's not like I'm going anywhere.  Plus it is NOT a financial burden, at least not yet.  Nice to see those tremendous tips to restaurant workers.  Just like war-time, we can all do our parts.

So pass along this idea, please.  Thanks!

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