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Apr 18, 2018

Officially Homeless

That's me, and all I want to do is die. I took my '92 Winnie in to the shop to have a look-over before I head out on my next great adventure, and they told me I may be good for another 500, 5,000 or simply 5 miles.  My engine is toast. One cylinder gone; it'll only get worse; not worth putting another motor in - the rig's not worth that much.

Maybe not to them, but to me it's my whole world. No more Travels with Buttercup; no more free-wheeling lifestyle; I'll be stuck, like most other people, only I don't even have a separate car to get around in, and the bank told me yesterday they couldn't help with that, either. I don't even know if I'll get back to the campground this afternoon, where, because I told them I physically couldn't do the work, they are finding a replacement. First thing when I heard the bad news was,

"Well, wasn't that smart - giving notice.  At least you would have had a place to park."

I'm writing this with tears streaming down my face, you can imagine. Sitting in a Walmart parking lot along with a dozen other broken down RVs for people who are, generally, ignored by the rest of you.

So people will start looking away when they pass by me, too. No electricity to keep warm in winter and cool in summer, and look - I even managed to get myself up to Oregon - when all the Snowbirds are visiting and no RV park will rent to me longer than overnight or maybe a week.

My rig's too old for their current clientele.

So as you laugh at the latest RV movie, The Leisure Seekers is it?, don't feel guilty if you don't think of the thousands (likely more) of RVers like me.  Most people don't.

I was just starting to feel better about myself and things in general. And people wonder how we wind up on the street.

I'm about to go pick up some food in case I'm stuck for awhile, and don't you know I'm prayin' for all I'm worth that I manage to get through this.  I just came from a community-full of people who didn't.

Whatever your troubles, count your blessings. And to anyone who has been secretly jealous of me for my lifestyle I say, "Happy now?"

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