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Mar 6, 2020

C-19? No Such Luck

Well, I'm sick with some kind of flu.  Hit me like a ton of bricks: woke up this morning and could hardly move from lack of energy, everything aches, chills and one or two other symptoms I won't mention.  I was trying to decide whether I'm an alarmist or hypochondriac and began looking things up in Google, because as I told the volunteer coordinator when I called in sick for tonight's performance (I volunteer in a performance theater, tapping beer and wine at the concession stand, if I forgot to mention-great fun, really),

"I'm a Christian Scientist, or at least raised that way; and understand very little about medicine, including my own anatomy," I'm not ashamed to admit. What difference does it make?  It either works or it don't; like a toaster, or washing machine.

I'm not afraid it's the Conoravirus because I've no such luck.  God's keeping me alive until I'm at least 100, I've told you, just to piss me off, and here's a perfect example. My biggest fear is that this is like the bug that kicked my como-se-llama in Austin a couple years back for 6 weeks.  The lack of energy was the worst part. 

I'm old enough to know when something's not right with my body without any expert diagnosis.  After all, ignorant as I am about stuff, I know, for instance, that if I get a cramp in my foot I buy a banana.  Would a doctor tell me that or order tests?

So I'll self-incubate, no, isolate, for a week and see what happens.  I've alerted friends I've seen about my condition; not for tea and sympathy but in the interest of public health. Good thing I got some food the other day when my Social Security arrived.  Gee, was I self-propheszying in my last post?

You know, it doesn't seem fair that those of us who are willing to mosey along to the other side (naturally) are still carbon-footprinting the planet; compared to, for instance, the little kids killed in Nashville.  Does that seem right to you?

It's obviously not a matter of numbers, then.

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