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Mar 24, 2018

Identity Confusion

I’m 62 and about to get myself into some real hot water: I happen to like having just two sexes, female and male; otherwise it gets confusing to keep track, especially the older you get.

Sexual preference is an extremely personal thing.  If you want to sleep with sheep, be my guest. I like wool, too. But I do have a beef with the total lack of FASHION SENSE demonstrated by a sexually-disoriented individual trying desperately to look and act like another.

I don’t believe people who claim it’s not a matter of dressing differently. Or behaving differently. Personally, I have NEVER had a girlfriend who looked or acted like any bowtie-spinning, shrilly-silly judge on those “Let’s become Famous rather than Productive,” shows. Just as I'm sure there are men who think,

"None of my friends walk like that," to an  exaggeratedly masculine female passing by.

From conversations with a cross-section of parents it appears not everyone is convinced pre-pubescent girls who enjoys climbing trees should start taking puberty-pausers, or whatever they’re called. Neither should boys jump from coveralls into a Disney Princess dress before addressing which personality traits they feel they’re lacking, as if they're even aware.

Why not encourage tots to express universal traits? Boys can cry, for crying out loud; the new Captain Kirk seems to do it in every movie he’s in, he's so good at it.

And what woman doesn't hate being called “bitchy” while men are aggressive, assertive, or just plain macho?

I don’t know any woman who flutter arms and Sugar-Speaks, accompanied by a pinky delicately raised to fool the rest of us into thinking they're watching their paunch.

Men will never bear children. That’s ok; lots of women don’t, either. Women will never be able to whip out and wizz in any old direction, but lots of men like to sit down, too. Other than some body parts, babies are pretty much the same out of the tube, no?

No need to completely change one’s looks.
1. Keep everyone’s hair long until 18.
2. Make every baby-thing orange.
3. Let’s have wash-and-wear school uniforms in all public and private schools, supplied by the government if the school can’t pick up the tab.
4. Let girls get bashed up in football and boys get their fingers pricked with sewing needles. And they ALL need to learn some basic auto maintenance.

If some parents won’t encourage comprehensive personality traits in their households, then schools, churches and the rest of the ‘village’ must pick up the ball. Might prevent another school shooting due to bullying. It’s time to stand up for the rights of the masses rather than the individual.

It wouldn't be that hard to solve many of our current problems, but compromise is a vanishing concept. The President’s latest proclamation about transsexuals in the military is leading us down yet another slippery slope. Hopefully he'll be stopped in the next election.

And let's stop saying He/She's.

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