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Feb 20, 2016

Fantasy Bathing

I'm dying to write something about 'Separation of Powers,' but I'll spare you.  Instead, I'll point to my other blog, Starving Artist TnT.  It's Dy-No-Mite!  Sorry; I did something similar the first time I called Federal Express.

My first foray into social media, I began the blog years ago until I ran into some social stumbling blocks and my attention swerved for awhile.

Ruff Life cabin
But I always wanted to go back to Starving Artist in order to present some novel ideas, techniques and tips for those on a really tight budget.  Or not.

Just because I live in an RV doesn't mean it has to LOOK like an RV; just like Ruff Life hardly resembled a boat inside.  I'll continue to write on this blog, but please take a peek at my Painted Bath; it's a story, with pictures!

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