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Apr 21, 2018

Free Smartphones

Day 4.  I am really NOT in the mood, but if I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do it right. I should have taken notes of the cheery thoughts I had yesterday afternoon, thinking to get started on today's post, but of course, I forgot. Oh, I know...nothing special was happening, which I guess is a good thing right now, but I've become acquainted with a woman who lives in her truck and has been around, off and on, for a couple weeks now. The campground has a 2 week limit and so I see some people quite often. They're like neighbors, except I clean up after them. At least they've been CLEAN neighbors.

So last week I'd given a Coleman folding double-sink to Doris (not her real name), whose belongings were filling her car to the brim. I'd carried it around since the days of my F150 and always need space in my 21-foot motorhome. Yesterday I was telling her about my predicament, and she understood exactly what I was feeling and talking about in a way that none, ok, few, of my friends or relatives do. A friend in Austin lived in her car for 18 months before moving in to Community First Village. Sorry, but you know the old, "walk in my flip-flops" expression.

Digressing...I asked Doris, "Do you know you can get a free phone?" because she's on SNAP. Her jaw dropped, as do many people I've told. Might as well share it here, because for some reason the word doesn't get out to everyone.

It's called ASSURANCE Wireless through Virgin mobile. I happen to hate my Smartphone because I don't know (or care) how to use it. It's for emergencies, or at least it has been; but now it'll likely become more important, if I find myself living without electricity to run my Home Phone.

Let me grab my phone to describe it...it's a ZTE powered by Android. Got a little green R2D2. I know it has unlimited text and I think 250 minutes phone, plus 500 MB data - all enough to receive doctor's notifications, arrange interviews, check emails. It has apps and what-nots, plus a camera. If you receive foodstamps you'll qualify, once they double-check your status. And even if you're not on SNAP, others qualify, too. Take a quick peek - you might not need one, but know someone who does.

I'm going back to my coffee. Hasta manana.

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