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Aug 14, 2020

Priceline Takes Advantage

I just lost money which I can ill afford to do at any time, let alone during this Pandemic; and so I want to warn Seniors and other vulnerables: Do Not Trust Priceline.  It's my own fault for using an online company rather than booking directly myself. They apparently have no management to speak to; just operators with scripts.

I needed a room for one night, which I hate doing during this time but I have no choice. Anyway, while looking for rates online I fell into Priceline and got hooked on their so-called deals.

They have specials where you can take your chance on one of several places, you won't know which until you've booked, for a decent price; but I didn't realize it was a bait-and-switch.

The ONLY thing I needed was pet-friendly, and I checked three times to make certain the filter was checked. All OK, I passed on the $10 insurance for changes since the room was so cheap, and I knew I wasn't going to change my date.

I received my confirmation this morning and decided to call the hotel to make sure everything online went according to plan, specifically that the Pet Friendly was accurately addressed. Surprise, surprise, it was not.
I've spent the past hour talking to human recordings, and the bottom line is that I've lost my money. It's a web design flaw which they refuse to address, my bad.

So that was my first and last experience with Priceline. I'll never buy into commercials again.

Addendum:  So miffed I forgot to include that I still need(ed) a pet-friendly room and offered to book through them.  They'd still get my money; but that was unreasonable on my part.

P.S.  My review was posted on Consumer Affairs (click to read), and I was surprised to see the number of BAD reviews being posted almost as fast as you can read.  Maybe Priceline's about to go belly up.  At least I don't feel like it was me.

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