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Apr 1, 2019

C'mon, already!

“He smelled my hair.  He kissed the top of my head.”

Enough already.  I support Joe Biden; and I also I support those of the #metoo movement who have REAL grievances.

He raped you; he stuck his hands in your pants; he licked your neck or grabbed your breast.  Those should raise alarms.  But, “I felt uncomfortable when he invaded my space"?  Obviously she’s never been on a crowded subway.

While I was traveling, a Pastor give me an unexpected hug, arm around the shoulder-type.  I’m not a hugger, as my friends will confirm, and the hug did make me feel a bit uncomfortable; not because I believed he had any bad intentions, but because it was unannounced and I was unprepared.  I know people touch, some more than others, and I’m sure some think I need a hug now and then.

But I knew from experience what REAL invasion feels like, and that was definitely NOT it. This wasn’t too long ago, and I certainly could have gently expressed to the man (coulda been a woman) that I didn’t appreciate his gesture, but I didn't consider it offensive.

"He grabbed me suddenly, throwing me off my feet so that I fell into him. His fingers squeezed my shoulder in a way which alarmed and frightened me, but we were in public.  I only want to warn people not to hug, ANYONE."

If I wanted to make a name for myself, I could drop this man’s name and spin the story my way, and in a heartbeat it would be picked up and sensationalized in the press; perhaps not nationally, but certainly locally; and others would jump on my bandwagon.  Is that enough to bring down his organization, destroy his family or leave more people unemployed?  I'll be believed because it’s the Politically Correct thing to do?

If I'm wrong about Biden, I'll admit my mistake; but I'd say the same no matter who Lucy Flores accused, even Mr. President (I can't believe I wrote that, but fair is fair).

Q:  Does kissing a child, yours or others, make one a Pedophile? Do parents plant a peck on cute parts of babies which could be viewed as abuse?

I don't know.  I do know I’m not the only one who predicted the Cry Wolf Syndrome.   We can’t put ALL the men in jail.  Who'd take out the garbage?

Oh, I know.  APRIL FOOLS!


  1. Good blog. Yes, it does seem as though this is going a bit too far. Yesterday, while in line at the market, I inadvertently touched the older lady I had been speaking with on the upper arm. Immediately, I apologized, and at the same time realized that I am of the same generation as Joe Biden - when it was OK to make an impersonal contact with someone you've been speaking with at length or have known for a while. Watch, soon it will be illegal to look into a person's eyes when holding a conversation. Accusers will say their 'space' was invaded. Please@!

  2. I hear similar comments. I don't believe Gens Y and Z know how to interact, for they cannot identify facial expressions and rely on emojis. As I wrote, I don't like being hugged; but it's been a common expression of Hello and Goodbye for decades. You learn how to deflect this type of behavior. I don't care what they claim; this is primarily a bid for 15 minutes of Andy Warhol Fame. Perhaps we should all wear pins: Yes or No to physical contact. I'll start working on a design.


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