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Feb 21, 2019

Good Neighbors?

I believe in second chances, but if I had a choice to live next door to a former ISIS Bride or Hannibal Lecter, I’d choose the latter.  At least he won’t blow up the entire block.

It doesn’t matter to me whether or not the young woman in question was born in this country.  If she IS a citizen then she made a conscious decision to turn her back on the rest of us and cause potential harm.  She married 3 Isis fighters in 4 years, all of whom died, which makes me wonder if she wasn't a going-away gift before their suicide missions.

Don’t be fooled by the snapshot depicting a loving young mother.  Who knows if that’s even her baby.  Why am I being so heartless?  Am I?

If we open the door to one former bride we’ll have to let the rest back; and what about U.S.-born sons who went to fight?
“Mommy…it’s not what I thought.  I wanna come home.”

Until they decide things aren’t quite what they'd hoped for here, either, and lash out again. Don’t we have enough crazies going around shooting anyone who looks at them sideways?  Do we really need to worry about more?

In today’s climate of unapologetic apologies, I’m sure that some group will champion (their) right to return. But they didn't just take a drink; steal a car; or run away to the big city to rebel against their parents, which is what their lawyers will use as a defense. Will you trust them?

Let them go to Dubai.  They'll take anyone.

IF WE DO take them back, they ought to go straight to a holding pen awaiting trial, just like at the southern border; hopefully sentenced; but even if found innocent they MUST serve some minimum time in prison, solitary confinement, for...as long as they were in Syria?  After which they will be on a public Terrorist Registry just like sex offenders See if that deters others who think they'll try it out and come home if it doesn't work out.

Who will be responsible for caring for that Isis baby (or adolescent; or teenager) during their incarceration?  Would you feel the same if her son looked like one of these school shooters? Are you going to limit the age of children allowed back in, because while I don't claim to know at what age a young terrorist's indoctrination begins, I'd guess it's shortly after puberty? Should we at least require blood tests?  But hey, I don't have kids who'll be attending the same schools.

At this same time we’re experiencing horrible revelations about Justin Smollett, who will indeed go down in history but not for the reason he'd hoped. 

What a horrible, damaging stunt this has been to our Nation. 
God help us, we've all been so willing to believe this horrific claim because that's the truth in America today.  What ammunition it will become for splinter groups, not to mention foreign interests.

I was willing to believe his story, despite the incongruities.  And when the doubts rose higher I hoped he'd stick to his story no matter what, because of the overall damage it would do. I'm sure I'm not alone.  

Not all of us were happy when Nixon was pardoned.  It's getting so no one has to account for their actions. We'll see the likes of Weinstein, Spacey, Rose and the rest rise again.  Maybe not for another 10 years, but we all know they'll be back.

These are such disappointing times.

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