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Jun 3, 2018

Moving On

The day after Charlie announced he'd found housing, the Ranger who hired me over the telephone stopped and introduced himself for the first time, and then announced my replacement, Polka Dot, would be arriving this week...the 5th or 6th, he'd let me know. Blindsided again. But following recent events in the campground I was relieved, for now that the season is officially up and running the (college) kids are already bothersome.

I began packing up immediately, not waiting for them to tell me When because I don't believe anything Park management says anymore.   I informed my friends on to whose property I'm temporarily moving that I received my marching orders, and they replied, as expected, "Come on over!"

Ranger Dick returned yesterday (Saturday) to say Ms. Dot would arrive on Tuesday, the 5th; and so I'd have the weekend; Monday; and then Tuesday to vacate the spot. This was news not only to me but the other Camp Hosts (Pam and hubby); as well as, he claims, my day-to-day Supervisor-Ranger.  I said to Pam, not without sarcasm,

"Check-out's at NOON."

She laughed, replying, "Check-in's not 'til 2," as if anyone follows those rules.  Our parting is bittersweet, for we'd been getting acquainted and were discovering some unusual commonalities. I'm not leaving for another planet and my church is, after all, just down the road, so we'll see.

Readers:  you didn't miss a thing.  For  more than 3 weeks no one has uttered a peep that my replacement was definitely coming.  Just the other day Pam asked,

"So, are you staying the summer?" because she wanted to teach me something about reservations.

"I have no idea," because no one said a word. BUT as it happened I was mentally prepared; for that very morning I was doing calendar-math, and if Polka Dot were still coming then her 4 week delay was soon to be up. I wouldn't put it past them to give me less than 24 hours notice.

After the news I'd arranged for a friend to give me a lift back after delivering my car to my new digs on Monday; leaving Tuesday morning to leisurely do my final RV prep work without having to waste anyone's time while I putter.

Last night Ranger Dick came back: "When I said Tuesday you misunderstood. I want you out on Monday so (Dot) can move in on Tuesday."

My supervisor had said more than once that he'd give me a at least a week's notice, but their lame behavior didn't surprise me so all I said was, "OK; I can change my arrangements," adding, "You know, I didn't even know (Dot) was still taking the position," as he walked away.

"Well, it's Monday; just be gone on Monday."

And kiss my... That's not the first time I've been asked to leave so nicely, and it likely won't be the last.  I do know of at least one person who would back up several things Amy was dying to say, especially since I have been accommodating and didn't just walk out. 

I've been doing laundry and tying things down while composing this piece. The other day, after the latest news, I realized I was making myself crazy by unconsciously imagining my next move to be my FINAL move...and I'd better not screw this up by making a bad decision.

Why?  I've survived my bad decisions so far. Why can't I take my new/old car to Montana; or at least Eastern Oregon, which I've wanted to visit since 2010 and where I'm considering future volunteer work.  A Paleontologist's dreamscape, full of fossils.  My degree is in (now-useless) Business Management, but I took as many archaeology and anthropology electives as I could. I love gluing together broken things.

I count myself lucky.  I've been here in the park for 10 weeks now, which has given me a chance to adjust to a new, stationary, way of life; buy the car without payments; and hold out long enough for Social Security to arrive, ahhh...

I've learned what NOT to accept in a volunteer position, but as I've written I'm very happy I could help others. Robert, who I assisted early on with the free ASSURANCE phone, came in today with his kids and told me he got a job in a glass manufacturing place nearby, so things are picking up for him, too. He wished me well; as have some of the other campers, which is more than I'll hear from my employers.  But didn't I once write we should do charitable things without expecting any rewards?

My new place is where I lived years ago, so I'm not going anywhere unfamiliar. I even know when and where the sun will be cooking us, but I have insulated fabric on my ceiling and a variety of sun shades I picked up while in Austin. I've camped in so many different configurations over the past two-plus years, I'm pretty much prepared for any situation.

However, for good or bad, there is absolutely zilch cell phone and Internet reception, so my postings will be less frequent for a time. The County Code allows me to legally park on their property for 45 days (up from 30). Even though I'll be paying the young family a reasonable daily rate, I'm hoping to find something else for myself; once I discover what I really want to do next.

Thank goodness Mom and Dad instilled in me this sense of optimism.

Much more useful than my B.S.

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