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Aug 2, 2018

Apologies to Melania

On behalf of the citizens of Oregon's 2nd Congressional District I would like to apologize to our First Lady for one political hopeful's despicable comment, calling her a 'hoebag'.

What a jerk; what a pig; and I certainly wouldn't choose Mark Roberts as my representative in Washington. I just want our long-suffering FLOTUS to know that.

AJ, Greg Walden
Here I am with Greg Walden, my current Congressman.  We may have opposing views at times, but I doubt he'd be so insulting, let alone on Twitter. So Roberts is an idiot, too.

Don't you know that I'll be serving up a piece of my mind if I run into Roberts campaigning around town.  Let's see, what should I say that won't put me in the same category as the 'slimebag'?

Maybe just ask him where he hangs his white hood.

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