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Feb 21, 2020

S&H Green Stamps

Here's something to take your minds off the crap in D.C. and re-introduce some ancient history.  This morning's radio episode of life in the 'old west' was all about S&H Green Stamps.  Remember them?  Well, it took me back and towards more pleasant thoughts than Presidential Pardons; so in the spirit of brother-sister-and -in-between-hood, here's a link to NPR's cute story, to read or listen:
The Way It Was, a Jefferson Public Radio broadcast.

I remembered everything that was described; plus how long it seemed to take to gather up enough stamps to warrant a visit to the S&H retail store.  Sis probably remembers more about the rules and regulations of my parent's selection process; but most assuredly, the stamps and experience rank up there with Sears Roebuck's catalogs, cereal box dolls and tiger tails from Esso gas stations, whose motto was Put a tiger in your tank.  Remember when they used to give us stuff?  Nowadays, maybe gas stations give BC a cookie.

Warm fuzzies, but kind of annoying to imagine being thought of as part of a generation considered Ancient History. I am glad I learned to wait for something special; comes in handy these days.

So I'll keep that part of ancient history, thank you.  Enjoy the short broadcast, link above.

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