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Dec 24, 2020

My Christmas Legacy

Gourdaments. They're all over the world, and it gives me warm fuzzies at this time of year that I'm sharing so many homes. I only made a handful this year, including two-sided ones with Santa on one side, little kid's faces on the other; and for the two who live on the property I added, what else, face masks.

Everyone writes and says the same:  2021 HAS to be a better year.  It stands to reason.  Looking back, if we all knew in March that the year was going to go the way it has, how many of us would have really opted to vacate the planet?  But we made it through, let's pat our collective backs.

Hope.  That's what Christmas is about.  Don't let the Grinch in Mar-a-Lago steal your joy; that's what he wants.

From BC and me

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