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Jul 17, 2019

Puerto Rico in the News

If you're enjoying watching the chaos in Puerto Rico, here's an oldie but goodie you might enjoy:  A Political Stalker Comes Clean.

Corruption and rioting are nothing new on the island.  I feel for the entire population, and in particular my artesan friends who depend on tourists from cruise ships for a large portion of their income.  Hot and sweltery summertime is the slowest time of year and they need all the sales they can get.

Ricardo Rossello's father was also Governor of the island and accused of corruption; as have most other governors.  There is something endemically wrong with the system, for it doesn't matter which party is in power; corruption continues.  I must admit my sexist attitude, for I was surprised to see a photo of the two women specifically charged with corruption.  I'd naturally assumed they were men, my bad.

I worry that this will prevent the President, et al, to deny future disaster assistance, and hurricane season has just begun.  This will only worsen an already bad situation.  No, I don't have any solution; but don't you think we should fix the problems for our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico, our 51st state, and the homeless, before we worry about other things? 

Photo note:  This couple stopped by my table during one of San Juan's international artesan fairs. (Yo soy artesana de higuera.)  They loved my story about how I got to the island and became a licensed artesan, and mailed me this photo after they returned home, wasn't that sweet?

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