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Nov 17, 2017

So Far Behind I Think I'm First

I bought a small indoor TV antennae this week and my world is not the same. At first I was transfixed but within 48 hours I’m tuning in to News from Japan, with breaking stories including an altercation between a Sumo wrestler and government official over a Smart phone. Breaks the monotony of sex scandals.

By now let’s just agree, “THEY’VE ALL DONE IT TO SOME DEGREE, AND MOST ARE SCARED THAT SOME SKELETON WILL EMERGE AND RUIN 'EM." That’s probably enough to make them think twice before assaulting (our) daughters and granddaughters...and -sons, sorry.

I've already expressed my opinion in Sleazebags; but I'm afraid this will get out of hand and surely I'm not alone. Did you hear about the British MP who committed suicide after being outed?  We want them to be ashamed, sure, but not kill themselves. I wouldn't want that on my conscience; I've enough to regret. Besides it would be hard to replace them all fast enough without turning absolutely everything upside down, and I'm not a fatalist by nature.

Their children aren't responsible. However, I don't hold the same opinion about (some of) their spouses. What, they didn't suspect a thing? Really? If they zipped their lips to maintain lavish lifestyles, then wives (or husbands) should also be held responsible for the rapes and assaults. What do you think?

To briefly recap, I’ve chosen not to have TV reception in any of my RV-homes for the past 7 years; and prior to that was 12 years on board Ruff Life in Puerto Rico. PBS was the only English speaking channel I could get in the bay of Parguera, providing the boat was swinging in the right direction.

But after recently losing unlimited Internet access (after becoming spoiled over the past 5 months), I was going a bit nuts, you may have detected in my prose. There are only two radio stations I like here in Austin (both NPR) and there are none I'd consider Classic Rock. If you like Eugene, Oregon, you'd like Austin.

The only TV personalities I recognize now are Big Bird and Elmo; and it didn’t take long to MUTE the medical commercials after learning more about sweat than I’d wanted. 

Did you hear that Trump lifted the ban on importing elephant parts with claims of boosting (Africa's) economies? First they kick them out of Ringling Brothers and now they’re about to be exterminated. 

SAY IT ISN’T SO!!! PLEASE continue to boycott IVORY-Anythings, except the soap. The uber-wealthy will clamor after ivory keyboards, jewelry and whatnots crafted from the tusks of these Gentle Giants, isn't that what we've called them?

Oh, say, did I mention I received my new Post-Obamaphone? I refuse to call it anything else. It’s a Smart Phone and I HATE IT!!!

But at least now I don’t feel so isolated with Frasier at the reach.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I still have a Blackberry phone and folks laugh when I pull it out to use it. I'm thinking of buying more off eBay (last cost only $13) so when this one goes, I'll have a backup.
    I'm glad my (our) mother isn't around to hear about Charlie Rose!


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