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Nov 12, 2020

I'll take it if Dr. Fauci takes it

I don't know about the rest of you but I'm getting confused over the variety of vaccines being whipped up in labs by folks in white coats. It seems we're taking daily tours through hospitals and testing facilities, which no longer seem special but look like cooking classes to me.

"There's another one working hard to be first."

They're not all working with the same playbook so which is the one to trust? If we're over the moon about results flying through previously necessary restrictions at the speed of sound, then why can't we trust the Russian vaccine? They're already doling it out to their first responders, how bad can it be?

"But they're Russians!"

Well, how many of our fellow citizens have died from drinking bleach or not wearing masks, following our Leader's suggestions?  Trump's throwing up his you-know-whats and is hardly inclined to help us now.  About the only thing he CAN do is start a war, am I the only one concerned with that (I live alone)?  Does anyone else doubt he'll remain a Lame Donald Duck?

So back to my title, I'll take what HE takes.

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