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Sep 16, 2020

Nero Fiddled...

I paint. I thought I'd drop a post stating that I still have a home; but my bags are packed in the car. The air's awful to breathe so we're stuck inside, again; but any time I mentally gripe I remind myself of all the people who've lost everything, it's easy since that's about all the news. It looks like a war zone around here instead of the beautiful Oregon GREEN everyone's used to.

Unable to work on my teardrop outside, I looked around for a new project. Goodwill has the best bargains, and months ago I picked up an inexpensive particle board lap desk, without a cushion, for a couple bucks. I love painting checker and chess boards so I combined that with my fondness for quilts. I play Fool's Checkmate really well; it's just the idea, and passes the time.

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