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Feb 11, 2020

Best Senior Meal Deal

For any Seniors looking for a decently priced meal at a fast-food restaurant (an oxymoron, right?), read on:

"I just discovered a wonderful dining experience," I excitedly told Sis:  "McDonald's Happy Meals!!  Last week while out I saw a poster for $1.50 for the hamburger HM and $1.75 for the cheeseburger HM; on Tuesdays.  I chose the Cheese, and inside was a simple burger; a handful of fries, which BC and I split; I requested chocolate milk, came in a pint-size container; some Granny Smith apple slices; AND A TOY!  A horse named Spirit, which I gave to Zinnia," a neighbor's toddler.

I'm 64 and this is the first time in my life I've ordered a Happy Meal. I always thought it was illegal, or immoral somehow, to buy one without being able to prove you had kids.  Idiotic, I know, but tell me YOU don't think of stupid things, too; and look what they use for advertising.

So last week I decided to go out on a limb, what's the worst they could do?  I had a line at the ready, just in case they asked.  No trouble with purchasing and it was great, just the right amount and for less than 2 bucks.  I believe they have a meal with Mcnuggets, but I like my beef.

This morning when I remembered which day it is I got excited all over again.  I've got to run to the Post Office and the Golden Arches are nearby; and I've decided from now on Tuesday's my Errand Day.  I suggest you check out your local restaurant and plan accordingly.

I tried to contact McDonald's corporate office to suggest they market their Happy Meals to Seniors as well, who don't need a super-stacked burger, loads of fries and soda; but they don't accept new ideas from anyone other than this guy.

Fine, I'll put this out myself.  If only they bothered to listen, they could save the cost of how many toys?  Some already offer free coffee to seniors.

I'm lovin' it!

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