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Dec 15, 2020

Dead Santas Revisited

Here's a link to what has become a Holiday Favorite (for the photos alone) here at Travels with Buttercup: Dead Santas. Originally posted in 2017, I was living in a tiny-home community for the chronically homeless in Austin, TX, Community First Village. There were decorations all over the place, and the maintenance crew spent a month stringing the millions of lights donated by a local individual. It was beautiful, and the public was invited in to tour the village light show.

Only problem is the electric bill; which non-profits can't really afford to sustain throughout the holiday season.  We were all disappointed the lights were on for only a handful of Holy Nights, but understood the expense. Considering the nature of the community, in this case over 200 individuals who used to live on the streets, having the place lit up like Santa's Village for 10 days (or more) seems a small enough gift. People living in houses can afford to pay to light up their homes to be seen from space, according to one commercial; which seems kinda selfish, all things considered.  Well then, here's a philanthropic idea: 

Why not donate the equivalent of one day's electricity (or, say, $100) to your local Tiny House Community for the homeless?  It gets pretty cold in the wintertime in one of those homes, tents or pre-fab boxes; and if they don't have holiday light shows like this one, they certainly have cold, cold residents.  Unfortunately they're all over the place, along with shelters, thanks to Mr. Scrooge.

Thank you.

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