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Dec 17, 2019

The Christmas Axe?

I am trying so hard not to cry or play Whiner-Baby, but I have said in the past that I would document my experiences of being semi-homeless, so here's what just happened.

Classical music accompanied me painting myself a pair of snowmen earrings, for I'm about to begin volunteering for the Rogue Valley Symphony and I thought they'd be festive.  BC and I are relatively warm following last night's frigid weather, and there's food in the house and propane in the tank.  Then up pulls a vehicle with a Jackson County sticker on the door.

No, no, please, not again, I begged.  Three or four years ago I was forced to move when the County decided to enforce long-ignored ordinances about the length of time you could live in an RV on private property.  I had 30 days to find another place to live or the property owner would be charged $500 for each month I remained. It was this same time of year, which made Christmas a bit stressful, since I've already written about how difficult it is to find long-term parking for older RV's like mine.  Jesus, no, here we go again???

I couldn't hide; my RV's right in the driveway, with a little striped awning and a pet fence for BC.  Nothing to do but get a grip on my nerves, and after they left I went outside.  Seth said,

"They were asking about the number of out-buildings on the property, but I don't know about the RV."

"Did they say anything specifically about it?"

"No, but we'll find out when they send a letter.  At least they were friendly."

"Yeah, if they're dropping the axe they did it in a nice way."

Why do they have to pick the middle of winter?  I'm still number 2866 on the Section 8 Housing List.  I can't even park at Walmart anymore.  So ask me which issue facing our nation is most important to me?

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