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Jan 30, 2018

Old Enough to be Blunt?

I’m pretty tolerant about people’s personal style and preferences, but when it comes to making fun of my preferred CHEESE; well, I’m fighting back.

I haven’t mentioned, but I was concerned I might become a statistic this flu season. Sick since before Christmas, I started feeling better last week and decided to attend the weekly Free Supper here at Community First Village.

At this point in my life I’m blunter than I used to be, so after supplying several one-word responses to a volunteer’s repeated attempts to converse I finally said,

“I’m sorry, I’m not really chatty when faced with food. Let me introduce you to (gal-pal) here; she’ll be more engaging."

Several millennials joined in so I chomped and listened until the topic of one of my favorite comfort foods came up:

“…like grilled cheese sandwiches with fake slices? Hahaha.”

(Me) “You know, when I was a kid Kraft slices just came out, and it was a REAL TREAT to have toasted cheese sandwiches out of the (also-new) toaster oven.”

'Tho largely ignored, I needed to make that point; but ever since Alter-ego Amy has been aching to inject the following into an appropriate conversation:

(You mean,) “...like young gals with skanky tattoos, who turn into fat old women with skanky tattoos?”

I am sexist in that I don't mind tattoos on men, and I've grown to accept works of art on my female friends because they're not in your face. But to young readers out there: rather than attempting to express your individuality by advertising another's art, why not take a class and at least design your own? Coloring books don't count. And by the way, scars only prove we've lived.

Imagine when tattoos fall out of favor, which they will, and your progeny ask you to cover up around their friends.

"Grandma, really?  Don't you know what Butterflies mean NOW?"

And while I'm on my soapbox, is it me or does it seem hypocritical to see cutout clothing only for women in our current climate of the #metoo movement?” You know I’m a supporter, but it resembles an oxymoron to me. Let's see more male skin, at least while it's still tight. Now return to the top photo and imagine another 50 pounds shoved into that outfit.

Let's see...I've slammed millennials, tattoos and coloring books. Nobody better make fun of Vienna Sausages.

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