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Jun 28, 2019

Amy's Come Out

Did you watch the second debate? Not much better than the first.  How disappointing.  Biden's performance wasn't what I'd hoped and I wasn't crazy about his face lift, or was it Botox; but I still hope he can pull it off.

Kamala Harris had my attention with her answers until she played the Race Card.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd still prefer a President who can keep their cool in front of the cameras, not pretend they're acting in a tearjerker.  She had that all set up and her #whinerbaby began as soon as the debate was over.

Ms. Harris, you were not the only one who went through tough times during childhood; and you might have caught my vote if you'd played towards the entire nation and not just one race or generation (like the putz with, Passing the torch); but, as a wise character in GOT once said (sic),

"Nothing said (an apology or compliment) before but means anything."

Kamala acknowledged Joe is not a racist, and for working across the aisle, but...  I'm sorry, but I was no longer impressed.

I am not a white nationalist.  I just want economic equality and affordable housing and I didn't hear Ms. Harris address either so she won't get my vote. Biden didn't either but so far I've not switched camps.

This will be my first time voting for President since Jimmy Carter, that's how strongly I feel about the outcome.  I even went to jury duty.  I just hope people don't vote based on race or generation, or we might as well keep Trump. And then I shouldn't have bothered.

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