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Mar 31, 2017


If you’d EVER told me that I’d be enjoying almost 4 months (in one stint) in this state, I’d have said that was about as likely as me being successful in a long-term relationship. Well, hope springs anew!

It was never my intention to stay so long. I’d skedaddled up to Oregon for paperwork last November, bypassing relatives scattered throughout the state, and vowing that I would return for lengthy visits.

For me that’s 3 days, at most a week; but just like in Texas I was swallowed whole like Jonah and am still waiting to be spit out. Up through the spout could be fun.

Contrary to the stereotype of sunny California, I managed to spend half my time in the rain during the recent deluges. Anyone can claim to have seen California in the sun, but how many can claim typhoon-conditions week after week? Whenever I asked if the weather was normal the answer was, “No, and we love it!”

Drought conditions ended; flooding resulted.  I managed to dodge most of the bad times; at least now I can enjoy the (normally brown) hillsides, bright green and filled with wildflowers.

I became aware of the Hearst name and Castle only after Patty was snatched by the SLA in the ‘70’s. Who wasn’t caught up the drama; and so in contrast to her gun-toting visage it was interesting to see more matronly Patty now featured in the Castle’s gift shop, plugging CD’s, kitschy tourist stuff and the like. I’ve never seen such wealth except in European castles. You can’t see the entire place in one tour, so I would like to return for the outbuildings and the famous pool; only next time I’d prefer a sunny day.

After the tour I saw a sign for Sea Lion Beach and they weren’t kidding. The photo is grey because it was the same grey day, but if you look closely you’ll see the beach filled with grey, blubbery creatures. It was their Birthing and Breeding time...who knew?

I conquered one driving fear with each mile I drove up and down Highway 1 along the coast.  I’d always heard the road was squirrely (and remember, I’m blind in my right eye), and since I don’t have a speaking co-pilot I assumed I’d have to forget that drive; but after encouragement from a female ranger I bit the bullet and it wasn’t as bad as I feared. Definitely worth the drive in any weather.

I tackled a couple of projects in between RV repairs, including pretty-ing up my back side. The striping was rubbed off in several places and I tried to remove the striping altogether, but that proved easier said than done and it looked like hell. And then there was that Taco Bell crunch. A painted USA sign and a sailboat to cover the cracks...called it a day.

After the comforts of my cousin’s home I returned to camping at yet another Corps of Engineers lakes right down the road from the Sequoia National Forest, but that’s a story for another day.  The campground has been quiet once the Revival Meeting finished, and the only negatives involve the absence of telephone and Internet service, and the radio stations are limited.  This area is a breadbasket and migrant workers can be seen everywhere so Mariachi music is popular, but I can take that for about as long as Riverdancing.

Can’t have everything.
Think I’ll stay awhile longer.


  1. So, how many of those states have you actually visited? (I like the map.)

  2. I've missed North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan and Oklahoma? Have to rectify that. We do have a gorgeous country. Thanks for the compliment.


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