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Mar 15, 2018

Venting in California

We’re currently sitting in a rest area on I-5 in California, in what sounds like the middle of a sleet storm. No heat except the gas stove. The furnace is not hooked up for several reasons, and the portable gas heater I picked up in Oregon was left with friends in Texas, since it scared me to use it.

I’m not complaining; just explaining. People want to read about my interesting road adventures; well, what’s often entertaining to you is a pain in the como-se-llama to me, at least at the time.

It began last night after re-living incidents which just happened to occur around this time last year and around this very place. It kept me awake while the rain kept up, and I taped a garbage bag to the air conditioner, in case it started leaking like a sieve AGAIN. Fortunately, it hasn’t.

I’d better stop there.  Did I mention I spent yesterday skirting L.A. drivers and Santa Ana winds? And now that it’s light outside I can see that yes, indeedie, there’s sleet on the ground. I just started the motor for some heat and hope it runs for awhile, because what I didn’t mention is that I’ve got a Check Engine light that’s been on since I hit Arizona, and I think it’s something with the air/fuel whatever. I had this problem once before but in AZ I couldn’t find anyone willing or able to work on my old baby.

“Are we having fun yet?”  That’s exactly what we used to say in the anchorage after a rough crossing. Did I mention gas prices in CA are at least a dollar more than anywhere else?

The sleet doesn’t seem to affect the traffic on the Interstate, so I think I’d best pull up my you-know-whats and get out of here before I’m really trapped.

Please forgive my moodiness this morning.  I shoulda, I shoulda, I shoulda. RV-ing is fun.  Tell your friends.


P.S. Less than 5 miles along the road and I was in a warm valley with sunshine and all kinds of services. Just like the guy in that deserted island commercial. Duh.

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