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Apr 3, 2020

What's in YOUR Backdrop?

Don't you just love peeking into everyone's home when you watch the news now? 
Gives a bit more insight into who you're listening to, since the contents of a room speaks volumes. I tend to miss much of what's being spoken because I'm looking at books on the shelf, hanging artwork and luxury blenders.  Here's my second RV: a 1988, 33-foot Fleetwood Bounder, which I lived in for several years before trading down size-wise to my current 21-foot Winnebago, more driveable.

I'm thinking about my old place this morning as I compare stories inside my head. My main space heater isn't working properly and another's on the way, but in the meantime it's still getting close to freezing at night and my two little personal space heaters are the only source of warmth for BC and me.  I've never used the propane heaters in my RV's, primarily because they're so old and I don't trust them.

Believe me when I say I've tried at least a dozen brands of space heaters between my three RV's; so when I saw my current model in West Marine years ago I didn't balk at the price.  It has a small profile and the heater itself isn't warm to the touch; and despite having 4 heat settings I never have to use more than the first to make it nice and toasty.  It's been terrific for years, but the thermostat's shot (I should probably clean it occasionally) and it won't stay on for long so I keep it off at night.  I may wake up with numb appendages and feel like I've got an ice cream headache, but things could be worse.

I'm remembering many years ago in my Bounder when a different heater suddenly broke, and I didn't have the money to run out and buy another.  If I could finish an order of Christmas ornaments the next day I could get paid and buy one.

RV's are not known for insulation and over the years I've learned tricks to stay warm, which is why I now have insulated fabric on my ceiling, walls and windows; and double-up area rugs over a new insulated floor.  I'd  completely forgotten that I used cardboard against the front window at first to keep from broiling.

So back to the broken heater, I grabbed my staple gun and covered windows, doorway and cabinets with quilts, blankets and fabric.  I didn't have enough to cover every single draft, but it was only one night, after all.

Despite my prep work and hundreds of staple holes I felt like a Popsicle the next morning, and BC was starting to get stiff.  I understood how people can freeze in their homes, you hear stories every year.  It was horrible.  I made hot coffee and tried painting, but my fingers had no feeling.  In tears I called my friend Lea, explaining my dilemma and asking to borrow some money until I could finish my order.

She immediately dropped off cash and a space heater, but while we were talking I said something about there having to be some place which might be concerned about freezing Seniors.  She said the local Access office gave fans in the summer; maybe they had heaters.  I gave them a call, and after 5 minutes on hold the gal came back to say she'd found one I could have, Come on down.  I jumped into my truck with BC and reveled in the heat while heading for Medford.

I brought all kinds of identification and documentation of my poverty, expecting an inexpensive table fan but I didn't care.  Imagine my expression when she wheeled this baby out from the back.  (The wooden guard was to protect BC.)  She didn't want to see a thing - just wished me well.

I will forever be grateful to Access and other similar organizations who help keep the less fortunate alive, like they're doing now.

BC and I have been together for almost 10 years and we've certainly been colder than we are right now, and it's supposed to be a sunny day.  I know people get tired of me advocating for the economically challenged, but unfortunately it's increasingly hitting closer to home, so support your local charities if you can, brrr....

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