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Sep 8, 2020

For BC

I woke at 2am to BC digging to China in the bathroom. The wind was missile-launching acorns on to the roof of the RV, which sounds like a rifle shot and always makes us both jump. I ran outside to tie down the half-umbrella, and when I looked up at the moon it was bright orange.

Raging fires are making like miserable not only for Californians but everyone around them, including southern Oregon, ach ach. I've been having fun fixing up my teardrop, and since I picked up a terrific little sewing machine in Goodwill for $18 I'm reminded why I never became a professional seamstress, ouch!

Check out this license plate...I'm lucky I didn't rear-end the subject of my photograph, you can imagine how tickled I was.

Anyway, since it's too hard to breathe outside I thought I'd post an article I had published in our local paper last Sunday, August 30th, which was BC's birthday (and she's mentioned in the article). The editor changed my title of God-Sends to "...More than Heroes to Me" which is fine, whatever the editor wants. Here's the online version, plus I'm including a jpeg of the article below.

Happy Birthday, Beas!

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