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Nov 24, 2017

Giving Thanks

So the Mute was on while flipping stations but I stopped at Lassie. No sound was needed to 'get' the rescue he orchestrated after observing Timmy and his pals attempt to fly off a cliff with cardboard wings. I watch, horrified; until I saw there was water below. Lassie bravely dove in after Tim; something Czar would NEVER have done since he hated the water and walked around puddles. Just goes to show, you can't choose your fate.

Czar belonged to the Captain and I assumed he’d be left behind in Oregon, but no. From Day 1 Czar and I had an on-going battle for the Captain’s attention: you know, HE used to sit in the Passenger seat; HE was left behind on weekend getaways; HE paid me back by stepping on my bare feet. But by the end of his long life, if it came down to it likely both the Captain and I would jump in front of a bus for that stubborn, gorgeous, gentle animal.

The day before Thanksgiving I was front row-center to one neighbor being carted away against her will by the Sheriff and Social Services. It was an all day process but for a brief Intermission. I don’t know anything short of a slug which would not have been affected by the (mentally ill) woman’s bone-chilling wails of misery. It was heartbreaking.  BC was outside, quiet but alert to the disruption.

I was surprised at how emotional I became, fighting back tears and trying to close my ears; so I felt better Thanksgiving morning when I spoke to two friends here who admitted the same reactions. This was a first for me, but unfortunately they’ve seen it before. Both said that despite personal opinions about an individual, or whether substance abuse is involved, their obvious pain is heart-wrenching. I didn’t get the impression that it gets any easier, so I look at this as yet another lesson in understanding I'm learning here at Community First.

I feel the same way about children, I’ve tried to explain, badly, to Mothers. All I mean is that while I chose not to breed, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t throw myself before that same aforementioned bus for some anonymous kid.  I’m not certain at what age that ceases to be of concern, but luckily my theory hasn’t been tested. That's compassion, not paternal.

So while enjoying the yummy Thanksgiving Buffet prepared and served by volunteers, I personally was grateful I was never carted off, kicking and screaming, in a paddy wagon or anything else. I’ve felt close at times; haven’t you?

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