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Nov 24, 2017

Giving Thanks

So the Mute was on while flipping stations but I stopped at Lassie. No sound was needed to 'get' the rescue he orchestrated after observing Timmy and his pals attempt to fly off a cliff with cardboard wings. I watch, horrified; until I saw there was water below. Lassie bravely dove in after Tim; something Czar would NEVER have done since he hated the water and walked around puddles. Just goes to show, you can't choose your fate.

The day before Thanksgiving I was front row-center to one neighbor being carted away against her will by the Sheriff and Social Services. It was an all day process but for a brief Intermission. I don’t know anything short of a slug which would not have been affected by the (mentally ill) woman’s bone-chilling wails of misery. It was heartbreaking.  BC was outside, quiet but alert to the disruption.

I was surprised at how emotional I became, fighting back tears and trying to close my ears; so I felt better Thanksgiving morning when I spoke to two friends here who admitted the same reactions. This was a first for me, but unfortunately they’ve seen it before. Both said that despite personal opinions about an individual, or whether substance abuse is involved, their obvious pain is heart-wrenching. I didn’t get the impression that it gets any easier, so I look at this as yet another lesson in understanding I'm learning here at Community First.

So while enjoying the yummy Thanksgiving Buffet prepared and served by volunteers, I personally was grateful I was never carted off, kicking and screaming, in a paddy wagon or anything else. I’ve felt close at times; haven’t you?

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