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Aug 9, 2019

A Simple Solution to Gun Violence

I don’t know why this hasn’t hit be before now, but for years I’ve said, “I’m so far behind I think I’m first,” and here’s another example:

A reporter was commenting on one of the latest shootings, take your pick, in a general sense,
“We need to have stricter background checks; ban assault rifles; anything to keep him from gunning down more people.”
Things being equal, how come we don’t hear about all the FEMALE mass shooters?  Where are they?  Women supposedly live under the same laws as men, so why is half of the population able to control our impulse to (at times) shoot every man in sight and the other isn’t?

Women have historically been the caretakers of their children, husbands and home; and if that isn't enough to make you crazy I don't know what is, so what's their excuse?

Perhaps it would be simpler to only permit women to own weapons, which men could use under supervision.  Then, if a man runs amok, the woman’s responsible not only for restitution for the victims, but for punishing her charge; and you KNOW it would be harsher than any limp crime bill.

Makes you wonder.

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