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Oct 21, 2018

Same Age as My Dog

To any Star Trek fans, remember the episode when Kirk and the landing party suddenly aged?  I watched that again recently, but what surprised me was the diagnosis of Kirk's advanced years and senility estimated to be between 60 and 72.

Whaaa??? Now that original viewers are in our 60's it seems ludicrous to attach such young years to the depiction on the screen.  What was Roddenberry thinking? Oh, wait, he was too busy on the casting couch.  If he was alive today I'm sure there would be dozens of women who would come forward and accuse him of inappropriate actions, which he was proud of, apparently.

I'm glad he's not alive because I wouldn't want to have to reconcile the Man with the Myth; as we've had to do with O.J.; Cosby; Michael Jackson; Charlie Rose and too many others. Don't you cringe just a little when you see The Weinstein Company attached to your favorite movies?

But I digress.  So according to the Dog's Life Rule I learned as a kid, one year equals 7 human, but I heard that's changed.  Not in my mind, and so this year BC and I are both 63.  I watch her to see if she's got aches and pains like me, but if this tussle with a young adolescent is any indication, she's just fine. Looks pretty good, too, now that the pounds are coming off.

We've been house-sitting for my pals in Tahoe for the past 3 weeks, and will remain for another month.  Talk about Living Rich Without Money.  Mom would be proud.

Many of my friends are also Librans, and per our sign they're fair-minded and maintain balance in their lives.  I told Sis I absolutely LOVE the fact that while I may not have much, I don't have to stay in a job I hate because of bills; stay with a man I loathe because I'm broke; stay in one place if it's become too commercialized.

Life is Good!

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